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States : An other way to use them

For a long time I use the state like there are described in the Timex documentation.

When I start working on MYWATCH I found this method not very easy to use when you want to use a lot of states.
I decided to use the declarations below:


CORESTATE0                  EQU 00H     ; Mode Banner State index
CORESTATE1                  EQU 01H     ; Default State index
CORESTATE2                  EQU 02H     ; Set State
CORESTATE3                  EQU 03H     ; Set State n2
CORESTATE4                  EQU 04H     ; Start State
CORESTATE5                  EQU 05H     ; Stop State
CORESTATE6                  EQU 06H     ; Minute rollover State
CORESTATE7                  EQU 07H     
CORESTATE8                  EQU 08H     
CORESTATE9                  EQU 09H     
CORESTATE10                 EQU 0AH
CORESTATE11                 EQU 0BH
CORESTATE12                 EQU 0CH
CORESTATE13                 EQU 0DH
CORESTATE14                 EQU 0EH
CORESTATE15                 EQU 0FH
CORESTATE16                 EQU 10H
CORESTATE17                 EQU 11H
CORESTATE18                 EQU 12H
CORESTATE19                 EQU 13H
CORESTATE20                 EQU 14H

With this solution I have a direct link between the declaration of the builder and the program constant.

For example, to call the state 2 of MYWATCH (mwaset.asm) I use :

ld      B, #CORESTATE2
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