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"wBuilder" : The other wristapp builder

This application replace the original Timex builder.
With this builder you have :

  • One button to do all the compilation.
  • A keyboard shortcut to launch the compilation (F9)
  • Assembler messages are displayed in the message area
  • Linker messages are displayed in the message area
  • The size of each state is clearly displayed and if the size of a state is over 900 bytes a messages is displayed and the compilation stop.
  • The '.SCR' file is monitored. If the file change while wBuilder is running it will ask if you want to reload it.
  • 'wBuilder_Remonte' allow the launch the compilation while you are in an editor.
  • Double clicling on a filename allow to edit the file.
  • Database can be be saved before the build process.
  • An 'options' dialog allow to:
    • set the editor to launch with a double click on a filename
    • set "Don't check the wristapp size" option
    • set the database saving option
  • A resume box show the wristapp status, the wristapp size and the biggest state size.
Author: Pierre Delore
Version: 0.95


Binary: wBuilder-0.95-Bin.zip
Source: wBuilder-0.95-Src.zip


Copy 'wBuilder.exe' and 'wBuilder_Remote.exe' in the '\M851\Bin'. Create a shortcut of 'wBuilder.exe' in order to launch the program.


How to use it

  1. Create the wristapp with the Timex Builder
  2. Launch the Timex builder, open the project and press 'Create build.script'
  3. Launch wBuilder
  4. Open the project by press the 'Load' button
  5. Press 'Build' to build the project


If you want to change the structure of you wristapp (adding or deleting a state) you must use the Timex builder (Do the modication, save and press 'Create the build script').

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