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Wristapps: Readmem

"Readmem" Wristapp

This wristapp allow to display the content of the watch memory.

Author: Pierre Delore
Version: 1.00




This screen display 4 bytes of memory (in hexadecimal). The address is displayed in the segment area (in hexadecimal). The letter before the address indicate the memory type.
R = ROM - V = RAM - L = LCD - S = SFR - E = EEPROM

START: address = address - 100h
STOP: address = address + 100h
CW: address = address + 4
CCW: address = address - 4
MODE: Exit from the wristapp
SET: Display the setting screen

This screen display the memory type setting (ROM / RAM / LCD / SFR /EEPROM).

CW: Next memory type
CCW: Previous memory type
SET: Exit from the setting screen

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