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Datalink Wristapps web site

This web site present some wristapps written by me.

TIMEX IRONMAN Triathlon Data Link Watch

This watch combine a full-function sport watch and a PDA.
Find below some features of the watch:

  • 3 time zones
  • 200 lap sport chronograph with multiple session memory
  • Multiple countdown timers with labels
  • Multi event interval timers
  • INDIGLO night-light display
  • NIGHT-MODE feature
  • Water resistant 100 meters
  • USB interface
  • PC software control to personalize the watch

More information can be found here: Timex Datalink home

You can fully personnalize the watch. From the PC it's possible to add or remove programs in the watch. These programs are called "Wristapps".

Last news !

01/27/2008: I released the version V2.21 of the wristapp "My Watch". I fix the display bug in the 100th minute watch.
01/26/2008: I released the version V2.20 of the wristapp "My Watch". I add the 100th minute watch. 2 new DOW pattern designed by RolandTimex
12/16/2007: I released the version V2.10 of the wristapp "My Watch". Modification of the analog watch. Now is more accurate. 5 new big fonts design by Joris van den Heuvel
11/06/2007: I released the version V1.01 of "The Trainer".

  • Bug fix: Fix the problem with the 2nd and the 3th session name.

10/07/2007: I released the version V0.95 of wBuilder.

  • Added : Background state and header files are now listed

05/12/2007: I released the version V0.80 of wBuilder.

  • Bug fix: The parameter file was not correctly handled.
  • I added the display of the state number of the biggest state.
  • I added the name of the source file when a linker error is generated.
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